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Language Ninja is actually just… HUMAN BEINGS!!

Stop searching for software, apps, and courses to solve all your language learning problems! Use your language free & for real!

April Fools! If you read the text of the previous page carefully, you will notice that each “feature” of Language Ninja (Completely portable, Advanced Voice Recognition… etc.) actually describes a HUMAN BEING.

Put away your credit card and stop trying to throw money at the challenge of learning a language by buying more language products that promise to solve all your problems!

A small phrasebook for a few dollars, or a book you can get for free about the language in your local library may not be perfect, but they will give you that initial start you need. Then, as soon as possible, start using your language with PEOPLE.

This is what will ultimately decide if you can speak it or not! And no, this does not require huge amounts of cash. As you can see in the fun video below, many experienced language learners agree that even without travelling, you can get very far just by practicing your target language on Skype:

(Many polyglots from this video will be in Budapest next month at the Polyglot Conference)


You can do this entirely free of charge if you are willing to help another person learn YOUR language, by doing a language exchange. You can find a speaking partner on the Conversation Exchange section of the active Fluent in 3 months forum, or by signing up to italki and using the “Language Partners” option. You can also get thrown into a random conversation, chat-roulette style, spontaneously via Verbling. There are many other language communities online that have people willing to do an exchange for free!

Next, why not try to use that language in person? Once again, no this doesn’t require taking out your credit card to buy that ticket across the world. When I met polyglot Moses McCormick in Columbus Ohio, he showed me that by going to a random mall near where he lived, he found friendly people willing to practise over a dozen languages with him:


You can be as adventurous as this and approach people directly, or you can use online networks to set up in-person meetups in advance.

For instance, Couchsurfing has a tool that lets you search per language, so use it for your own town and invite that person out for a coffee or bite to eat (if that coffee is on you, they have nothing to lose and it won’t break the bank for you!) In major cities also has regular language specific meetups, and you can otherwise put up advertisements in your local university to get the attention of exchange students, or ask your friends to see who they know.

It turns out that there are endless opportunities all around us to practise many languages for free. Stop making this about what software, books or apps you have, and start USING your target language!

For more encouragement about language learning, check out my TEDx talk on the topic:

You can also check out my blog below, and subscribe to it or join the email list for hundreds of articles to encourage language learning by focusing on using it with people. A newer TEDx talk I gave will also be shared on that site in a few weeks. If you have any thoughts on this Sales page for human beings to challenge the way-too-rampant consumerism around language learning products, feel free to leave a comment in the blog post where I “review” this system!

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